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    FL923790ZCCCHillsborough County Name Change
    FL924030ZCCCPinellas County Name Change

1idu is Tampa Florida’s Approved FDLE LiveScan Service Provider Level 2 fingerprinting

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CCC - Florida Name Change Guardianship Fingerprinting process -

You must submit a criminal history report to the court via FDLE livescan service providers before a name change petition can be heard or granted. Level 2 / livescan fingerprints are captured and submitted electronically, F.S.68.07, electronic submission of fingerprints is mandatory. CCC’s of Florida State must have livescan fingerprinting recorded and on file. 

Pursuant to Florida State Statute: Registered as a sexual predator or a sexual offender – this must be disclosed in the petition as well as any registration as a sexual predator under section 775.21, Florida Statutes, or as a sexual offender under section 943.0435, F.S. 

Guardianship – 

Before the court will hear your guardian advocate petition, you must have your fingerprints submitted for a state and national criminal history records check. 1idu provides FDLE and FBI criminal history reports to individuals and courts. 

Please contact the court for the correct ORI number for Guardianship applications. 

Guardianship requires a level 2 background screened per the requirements under s. 435.04. 

Guardians require a level 2 background screening – A criminal history report must be completed before asking for court-appointed Guardianship, other than corporate guardian as described in court mandate guardians seeking court appointment, other than a corporate guardian as described in s. 744.309(4), fiduciary responsibilities to the ward mandates a credit history report and investigation.