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It is estimated that 80% of International and Multinational companies now conduct some form of background check before hiring a new employee. Worldwide companies and corporations recruit America’s skilled talented workforce and its entrepreneurs to work and live overseas. Large companies often use the services of a separate company to do that, but increasingly, smaller companies are requiring that potential employees provide them with a copy of their FBI National Identity History Summary themselves, as they do not wish to undertake the expense of hiring an outside firm to do that for them.

FBI – Channeler - Identity History Summary Fees
Secure online look-up and download with 2-day USP Mail Delivery Printed on Special Summary Paper$62.00

idu LiveScan Services is one of the select few companies in the US that have been certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as an FBI Channeling Agency. An FBI-Approved Channeler is a private business that has contracted with the FBI as the conduit for submitting fingerprints to the FBI and receiving the FBI criminal history record information on behalf of an Authorized Recipient.

Based in Tampa, FL we have the extensive experience and efficiency needed to expedite the process of obtaining an FBI Criminal Report copy for those that need one. What you may be asking, however, is who would need an FBI Criminal Report and why:

U.S. citizens may be required to provide a “Certificate of Good Conduct” or “Lack of a Criminal Record” for use in traveling, living, working, adopting, education and retiring overseas. Most International Employers and Agencies depend on the FBI Identity History Summary to Verify their potential employees.

What is an FBI Criminal Report?

It comes as a surprise to a lot of people to learn that the FBI may be maintaining a criminal report on them. Some people even find the idea rather scary. But the fact is it is very common. The FBI gathers information from every police department and court in the country on arrests and convictions and compiles the information into a large national database. So, if you have ever been arrested, charged with a crime or convicted of one, the FBI knows about it and they have created a report that documents it all.

Not everyone has an FBI Criminal Report of course, as they are generally a summary of arrests and convictions - in all 50 states - related to a specific individual. But even if you have never been arrested, there are some specific situations that require you to prove that fact and obtaining an official transcript - officially called a National Identity History Summary check but more often referred to as an FBI Criminal Report - from the FBI is the most efficient and acceptable way to do that.

So, who might need to access their FBI Criminal Report and/or obtain a National Identity History Summary proving that they do not have a criminal history? Here are some of the most common examples.