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Top Five Reasons to Get Your Record Expunged

Florida statutes allow for the expungement of many types of criminal record provided that the charges they pertained to were dropped, dismissed or, in some cases, satisfied via the payment of fines or the completion of probation. However, many people do not even realize they have a criminal record. After all, if the charges were dropped, why should a record remain?

Past behavior does not equate to future behavior, people pay for their mistake, grow emotionally, and move on. However, companies want to make sure, your past does equate your future potential. To them forewarned is forearmed, and they want to side with caution. Background checks are now done by 80% of operating companies in the US, but they do not show a complete picture of who you are as a complex human-being. The best way to show an employer who you are is to practice due diligence in protecting your future by having your criminal history Expunged or Sealed.

Unfortunately, the simple fact is that the charges do remain and can continue to haunt you for years. While there are lots of good reasons to pursue an expungement if you are eligible to do so, here are 5 of the most important:

The Expungement and Sealing Process Explained

As you can now see, a criminal record of any kind can have a huge negative impact on anyone's life. But there is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue. Let us try and clear some of that up:

The unfortunate fact is that even if charges and a criminal case never result in a conviction, or in a disposition where the matter is considered settled or disposed via fines or probation a record of the prosecution and legal proceedings remain.

It is those records that will show up on most standard background checks. And while, if they took the time to read them, a person might understand that the case was dismissed or settled they rarely do so. They simply see an entry in a 'criminal record' section and their consideration of this person for a job, a loan, adoption, and more is often over.

It is possible to prevent this in many cases by petitioning the courts to have the records of a criminal case sealed. This means that the contents of a person's fil can no longer be viewed without a court order. It may also be possible, via expungement, for those records to be destroyed altogether.

Record Sealing vs. Expungement

There are some key differences between record sealing and expungement that many people do not understand. If a record is sealed it still exists, but access to it is limited. If it is expunged all traces of it are removed.

Expungement vs. Pardon

Expungements and pardons are not the same things. Expungements can usually only be applied in cases where the charges involved were in some way dismissed. A pardon, on the other hand, is granted to a person who has been convicted of an offense but for whatever reason, their punishment is then canceled. The record of that punishment is, however, not removed and it is rare that that could be achieved via expungement except in very exceptional circumstances.

The individual types of sealing and expungement processes authorized by statutes are listed below.

The types of sealing or expungement processes authorized by statute are listed below:

Is My Criminal Record Eligible for Expungement?

This is the question we are most commonly asked. And the fact is that there is no one size fits all answer. This is because the state laws that govern the requirements a record must meet for expungement do vary quite widely. Some states allow a case to be expunged only if the charges were dismissed before a plea was entered. Others sometimes allow expungements for minor infractions or misdemeanors. It is very rare that serious felonies are eligible.

Therefore, the criteria for expungement may include any of the following:

A minimal prior criminal history The passage of a significant number of years since the charges were filed No additional criminal history since the charges were filed. Completion of any and all deferred disposition programs, periods of probation and/or the payment of assessed fines.

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