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Electronic Fingerprinting Options in Florida

Electronic Fingerprinting Options In Florida

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services are open for people residing outside Florida. Out-of-State FD (258) card services are available at our facility. This saves you time and money as the process is quick and cost-effective with Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services – a veteran-owned and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) approved facility.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services uses the latest electronic fingerprinting technology to save the time of the applicants and offer them clean and clear electronic fingerprints for their level 2 background checks. We have the equipment that converts your hard card (traditional fingerprinting card) into an electronic fingerprint record.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services offers the applicants two ways to avail the services
  • As Per Method 1 – We send you the mail with all the documents and two FD-258 fingerprint cards.
  • As Per Method 2 – First, you send us the mail including your fingerprint cards done by your local police or sheriff’s office. If you are following this method, then you must send the following documents as well in the mail.
    1. 1. Your Social Security Number
    2. 2. Government Approved Picture Identity Card
    3. 3. Completed fingerprint card with the birth date, citizenship, personal information, and location.
    4. 4. ORI Number as per your profession
    5. 5. Personal contact information such as email address, and phone number.
    6. 6. Payment – We also accept wire transfers.

Being a veteran-owned and understanding to the community, we take good care of the confidential information you share with us. It becomes our duty to protect your information.

The card you receive is used by the Law Enforcement Agencies, all kinds of employers, government agencies, banking institutions.

It is important for the applicant to provide correct and accurate information. So, double-check whatever document you send. Most applicants make the mistake of sending the wrong ORI number. Do not make that mistake.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services doesn’t deal with result viewing or providing results for your verification process. We deal with electronic fingerprinting for a Level II background check and Out-of-State FD (258) card.

The prices of our services may vary depending on the profession, which will be based on your ORI number.