DOH – Department of Health/ Ori Numbers for Professional HealthCare Staff

  • ORI Number
    EDOH0380ZDOHCertified Nursing Assistant
    EDOH2014ZDOHPhysician/Medical Doctor
    EDOH2015ZDOHOsteopathic Physician
    EDOH2016ZDOHChiropractic Physician or Chiropractic Assistant
    EDOH2017ZDOHPodiatric Physician and Podiatric Assistant
    EDOH3451ZDOHOrthotist & Prosthetist
    EDOH4420ZDOHNursing (RN, LPN, APRN)
    EDOH4510ZDOHAnesthesiologist Assistant
    EDOH4520ZDOHAthletic Trainer
    EDOH4530ZDOHClinical Lab Personnel
    EDOH4550ZDOHClinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Counseling
    EDOH4590ZDOHHearing Aid Specialist
    EDOH4600ZDOHMassage Therapist or Owner
    EDOH4610ZDOHMedical Physicist
    EDOH4640ZDOHNursing Home Administrator
    EDOH4650ZDOHOccupational Therapy
    EDOH4680ZDOHPharmacist or Pharmacy Owner/Manager
    EDOH4690ZDOHPhysical Therapy
    EDOH4700ZDOHPhysician Assistant
    EDOH4720ZDOHRespiratory Care
    EDOH4730ZDOHSchool Psychology
    EDOH4740ZDOHSpeech/Language Pathology
    EDOH2014ZDOHMedical Doctor Visiting Faculty Certificate
    EDOH2014ZDOHRegistration for Resident/HSE Physician
    EDOH4680ZDOHRadiologic Technology
    EDOH4680ZDOHEmergency Medical Technician

1idu is Tampa Florida’s Approved FDLE LiveScan Service Provider Level 2 fingerprinting

LiveScan State Fee
Our Service Fee
Sales Tax 8.5 %
Total $84.36

Florida Department of Health Background Screening

Florida requires state/national fingerprinting for the purpose of criminal history screening.

(s. 435.12, Florida Statutes). This statue is specific to employment positions that offer services to the elderly, disabled persons, and children. We capture fingerprints via the livescan fingerprinting process for submission to DOH for approval and issuance of Medical License.


  1. 456.0135, Florida Statutes, requires FDLE electronically fingerprints for students, interns, applicants, employees, providers, contractors through Livescan Service Providers who offer photo capability in compliance with the requirements of Florida’s Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse pursuant to s. 435.04(1)(e), Florida Statutes. 1idu DOH livescan fees  include fingerprinting, a photo, and submission to the Clearinghouse.


Florida ClearingHouse provides a single data location where livescan criminal history reports can be shared with other Florida departments and agencies who require criminal history screening.