DOH – Board of Nursing/ Ori Numbers for Professional HealthCare Staff

Nursing Students and Professionals

  • ORI Number
    EDOH0380ZDOHCNA Applicant
    EDOH4420ZDOHLPN/RN Applicant
    EDOH4420ZDOHAPRN Applicant
    EDOH4420ZDOHLPN/RN Multistate Upgrade Applicant

Nursing Students and Professionals

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Nursing applicants must initial nursing licensure by filling out required Nursing Board Licensing required paperwork,  and submit level 2 background screening fingerprints for the purpose fo criminal history checks. Applicant fingerprints must be submitted via livescan electronic submission for  the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) criminal history search.

Level 2: a state and national fingerprint-based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses and applies to those employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust. Section 435.04, mandates that Level 2 background security investigations be conducted on employees, defined as individuals required by law to be fingerprinted pursuant to Chapter 435.

Once the applicants’ criminal history results are returned to the Clearinghouse and made available to the Board of Nursing for considerations in the Nursing Licensing process. Once the applicants’ fingerprints results are submitted via the Clearinghouse, they are retained by the Florida Department of Law.