Our Creed and Mission

1idu LLC Background Screening Services founded in 2017 with the core mission of providing professional biometric fingerprinting and background screening services to Hillsborough County, and surrounding Florida communities.

We are an Approved FDLE: Level 2 background Screening Vendor. We offer competitive background screening fees with these Florida Agencies –


1idu LLC Background Screening Services is your one-stop support team for-

  • FBI Personal History
  • FDLE – Level 2 Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Simplified Hiring
  • Out of State Hard Copy FD(258) Fingerprint Card
  • Exemptions from Disqualification
  • Notary Public

Competitive Advantages

idu LiveScan and Background Screening Services offers the following benefits to our client's.

Our FDLE Fees are based on this FDLE Current Fee Schedule
FDLE 2019 Fee Schedule will be made public on, January 1, 2019. FDLE - Level 2 Background Screening - FBI Channeling, Background Screen Yourself: Your Employment History, Your Professional Reference Checks, National Criminal History Urinalysis - Eviction - SOF - Expunge or Seal, Notary, Concierge Service.

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Biometric Data Provider

FBI / FDLE Approved Biometric LiveScan System


Complete suite of services

We understand and work with our clients; life is not a vacuum. When you do not control all the moving parts, you might need some navigation assistance. FDLE: level 2 Background screening, FBI Channeling with (Apostille Service Coming Soon), Background Screen Yourself, Concierge Service, SOF, Expunge or Seal, Notary, Eviction Enhanced Plus Search, Drug Screen Yourself - 10 PANEL Urinalysis.

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    14512 N. Nebraska Ave, Suite 103
    Tampa, FL 33613
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